Remote Access & Support for Educational Facilities

Learn how universities and schools around the world use AnyDesk to enable IT teams, teachers and students to access the campus network from anywhere.

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The full power of AnyDesk, tailored to the needs of your educational institution

AnyDesk offers maximum flexibility and adapts to your policy requirements, whether you want to use our encrypted cloud solution or keep all data on your local network. When deciding for our On-Premises solution, you can easily set up your own closed network and stay in control over sessions and server data. Experience bank-level security at an unparalleled speed.

These educational institutions rely on AnyDesk for remote access, remote support and e-learning.



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AnyDesk for IT Support & Class Participation

  • Provide on-demand IT support to teachers, staff & students.
  • Enable staff, professors and students to access campus computers while working and studying from home.
  • Provide remote support to faculties & professors working out of campus.
  • Provide remote access to virtual machines and internal software from anywhere.


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Your Campus, Your Solution

AnyDesk is intuitive, easy to use, and suits your every campus policy.

  • AnyDesk Cloud
  • Maintenance and updates included
  • Independent global server infrastructure
  • Reliable Service with 99% uptime*
  • Customized Clients available
  • AnyDesk on Premises
  • Customizable solution
  • Advanced API integration options
  • Self-hosted and self managed by your IT team
  • Data remains within your campus network

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Full feature & brand customization for your institution.

AnyDesk On-Premises:
Your Self-hosted Solution.

AnyDesk On-Premises goes one step further and lets you host your own AnyDesk network in-house. Set a logo,
configure permissions, privileges, default behaviors and many other features to make AnyDesk perfectly fit your
institutional needs. For your security requirements, because your data never leaves your network at any point!

High scalability, minimal footprint.

AnyDesk in the Cloud:
Built for high availabilty.

AnyDesk licenses cover all future versions and we don't charge extra for updates. Plus, all program versions are
compatible with one another. As teams grow, their needs change - and so should the software they use. AnyDesk
lets you start small and scale quickly, with sensible pricing for teams of all sizes.

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AnyDesk for IT Support



AnyDesk makes central IT management and remote support for staff and teachers possible at Bromsgrove school.



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AnyDesk for e-learning

ARD.ZDF medien akademie

Thanks to AnyDesk, course participants can access campus machines safely and intuitively.

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"Finding a platform that met the operational needs of 12 stations was a huge challenge. The trainers got on very well and very quickly with AnyDesk. Even participants who initially thought it made more sense to have the software on their own PC realized that AnyDesk was the better choice.”

Olaf Schott, IT Subject Coordinator